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"A manager is responsible for the application
                         and performance of knowledge"

Welcome to Paolo Bindi's blog

I have a great experience a wide variety of business web and telecommunication applications. Proved ability to work from remote and meet deadlines, with high quality standards. Can work alone and in a collaborative environment. Experience as team leader and mentor for junior programmers. Expert in OOP programming and in database solutions, including Java, C++, PHP (Zend , Symfony Framework) and Hadoop HBase, Oracle (from v.7 to 10g), MySQL from 5.5 and MongoDB databases.
From 1997, I've always applied the Quality System, firstly using ISO 9001, then Vision 2000 standard and currently the Agile (Scrum) methodology, which I worked on for more than one year and I certified. Currenty I can't work without Git ;)
Certified in Java, Apache Spark and MongoDB (DBA and Developer), currently I'm studying to take the HBase certification.

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