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Adyen, how to become a client and request one/more subaccounts

I'm going to explain the Adyen platform credit card payment, by these adyen posts:

(1) Adyen, how to become a client and request one/more subaccounts
(2) Adyen, Admin panel
(3) Adyen, how to manage the skins (at working)
(4) Adyen, a custom PHP class (at working)
(5) Adyen, refund and Paypal integration (at working)

- Become a client of Adyen
- Request one/more subaccounts

Become a client of Adyen
If you would like to become a client of Adyen, you will have to go through the following steps:
1. Request a Test Account. This account is fully live-like and will give you insight in the functionalities of the platform. At the same this will be the starting point of the integration.
The other document
2. Read through the applicable manuals and documentation for a more technical overview of the integration. You can download it here or contact sales[at]adyen[dot]com.
3. Download the Know Your Customer (KYC) file and fill the information needed by Adyen to request Visa/MasterCard acceptance at our acquiring bank and put together an agreement between your company and Adyen. Send this KYC excel file, including the requested documents within the excel file, to sales[at]adyen[dot]com
4. Once:
a. The signed contract is received in two fold at adyen office
b. If the KYC file is complete, Adyen support will put the test account live and send you the live account details

Adding one merchant account or one/more merchant subaccounts
In order to add one merchant account or more merchant subaccount (with several bank accounts) to an existing account, the procedure is as follows:
1. Adyen opens a test account for the merchant that you want to add (for example MyMainlyAccount or MySubAccountCompany).
2. You need to send to Adyen
filled KYC file
Send banking details
copy of you bank statement
registration of chamber of commerce
copy of director's ID
annual report
3. Adyen applies for a creditcard at their acquiring bank. This bank will send them the approval before we can go to the next step (4). This steps is so critical and in some cases I had to wait a lot of time to receive the positive response
4. Adyen sends you a contract, which should be signed by your director(s)
5. once Adyen has the signed contract back by email and by regular mail, 6. your test account will be set live