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Prestashop, how to configure Sandbox

Those are the steps to configure the Paypal test platform (Sandbox) for Prestashop:

1) In Sandbox ( click on the "accounts" section, where we'll create two users
- Personal
- Business (Note: not business-pro)
This is the image

2) Click on link "profile" of the Business user and we'll find this image

3) Using that values, we'll configure in this way the payment Paypal module in Prestashop:

- ¿Ya tiene una cuenta PayPal Empresas? Sí
- (activo) Elija Pago estándar
- Datos de identificacion
Nombre de usuario de API: Email_Utente_Business
Contraseña de API: XXXX
Firma YYYY
- Pago Express -> Sí (recomendado)
- Sandbox -> Modo de prueba
- Metodo de Pago -> Direct sales

4) Finally we'll use the Personal user's data (login/password) in order to pay. We'll find the payments details clicking on notification link as at this image and then cliking on every details will show this information (image)