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In October starting working as BigData developer for Panda Security. Developer for several applications using Java and Hadoop MapReduce, HBase and Kafka solutions. Manage and optimize the processes using agile methodologies (SCRUM)

In August I finished the experience as Project Manager and Analyst Developer and DBA for VASS Digital. I oversaw the activities of the technical department and manage and optimize the processes using agile methodologies (SCRUM) . Definition and analysis of several web application and proyects, using PHP Zend Framework 1/2 and WordPress solution. Design and tuning MySQL database. Using Doctrine 2 for storage and mapping DB objects. Using GIT for the code version.

The last more important web job experience has been in Moviplans(MDF group) where, applying the Scrum methodology, I designed and developed several E-Commerce solucions for Vodafone, Glamour, El Mundo, Dia and Mahou customers, using Magento and Couponic for more than one year. I created a php class to manage the Adyen payments (live and recurring) and designed some MySQL database.

I would also like to highlight my experience at Clearwire and Ecija where I design and developed some applications based on PHP Zend Framework. During my last italian experience, I could manage some important projects for the Administration, using Classic Asp and Oracle database, applying the Vision 2000 standard quality system

My IT beginnings has been dedicated to design and development, using the C and Pl/SQL Oracle language. As well, I accomplished several telecomunication projects of antifraud roaming for customers as TIM (Rastap project), Wind (Dbag project) and Telekom Serbjia (Sauro project).

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Skills and works

Oracle and MySQL

My experience on databases started in 1997 with Oracle 7. For the next 7 years, I continued working until the 10th version. Currently I'm using MySQL database. I took the Oracle SQL certification in 2010 and I'm an expert on PL/SQL and MySQL stored procedures.

Framework PHP

I started working with PHP4 in 2004 and one year later with PHP5. At the beginning of 2010, I developed several projects using Zend Framework 1/2. Then I used Codeigniter and Yii frameworks, and currently I'm designing and developing other projects with Silex, based on Symfony 2


My personal objective is to improve my skills, so I've been studying MongoDB and NoSQL environment for several years. I took the MongoDB DBA certification in March 2013 and Developer Certification in May 2015. Also I took the Spark (introduction) certification in July 2015 and currently I'm studying to take the Hadoop certification.


I think that this IT area is the future (and the present) of the web developing. I had the opportunity to work on Magento and Couponic applications for more than one year. Currently I'm designing and developing some e-commerce websites based on Prestashop. I'm an expert on Adyen and Paypal payment platforms

Quality System

I've always given importance to the project managment. From 1997, I've always applied the Quality System, firstly using ISO 9001, then Vision 2000 standard and currently the Agile (Scrum) methodology, which I worked on for more than one year and I did a course on it. I can't work without using Git ;)

Additional information

During my large job experience I have had the oportunity to work in different languages and technologies, like C, Unix, Classic Asp, ASN1, CSS, XML, Json and in particular several javascript solutions, such as Ajax and Jquery, which I'm using nowadays. I've just started learning Node.js and Express.js I was mentoring junior programmers on C language, Unix operating system and Oracle Pro*C. As well, I have been team leader for Software Consulting Company in Rome.


  • Integrae (Servicios TI con impacto social)
    Assessing and implementing IT lesson plans (WordPress and Php/MySQL) designed with the objective of achieving labour integration of spanish young people with difficulties to enter the labour market.



  • In progress - Apache Spark - Scalable Machine Learning - BerkeleyX (
  • In progress - Hadoop - Become a certified developer -
  • Ended in July 2015 - Introduction to Apache Spark - BerkeleyX (
  • Ended in May 2015 - MongoDB for Developers - MongoDB
  • Ended in April 2015 - An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) -
  • Ended in April 2014 - Agilidad y Lean - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (
  • Ended in Febraury 2013 - MongoDB for DBAs - MongoDB
  • Ended in Febraury 2012 - English language course (intermediate level) - Performed by Skype
  • Ended in July 2002 - English language course (Upper Waystage level) Wall Street Institute (Roma)
  • Ended in April 1995 - C Language course- Comunidad de Lazio (Roma).


  • Italian (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Spanish (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • English (Limited working proficiency)
  • German (Elementary proficiency)